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Charles Barber began piano at age six, violin and trumpet at ten, at 14 composed a piano concerto, and at 15 first conducted an orchestra. He holds master’s and doctoral degrees in music from Stanford.

Barber has conducted throughout California, on tour in Japan, Singapore, South Korea, and on numerous film and recording projects in Los Angeles. In addition to work with symphony and opera, Barber has also conducted for Stan Getz, Sarah Vaughn, and Mel Tormé. He created American Classics and Canadian Classics for Naxos, contributed numerous articles to New Grove, served as Music Advisor to the BBC’s Art of Conducting film documentaries, wrote Lost in the Stars:  The Forgotten Musical Life of Alexander Siloti, and presently works as Artistic Director at City Opera Vancouver. In May 2014 he led the world premiere of Margaret Atwood’s first opera, Pauline, with music by Tobin Stokes. In October 2016 he leads the premiere of The Lost Operas of Mozart, and in November 2017 of Missing Women, with libretto by Marie Clements and now in progress.

“I never write letters of recommendation, so this is an exception. Charles Barber is a scholar and a conductor who adores and understands music. We have become friends, and he pretends to believe that I have taught him something.”
~~ Carlos Kleiber

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  1. Grendel April 15, 2012 at 6:29 pm # Reply

    If I were you, I wouldn’t believe a word of this. I think it is all nonsense.

    I am his dog, and I know that Charles can barely read a can of dog food, much less a note of music. I would be highly suspicious of anything he says.

    I keep trying to get him to throw a baton or two, but he only throws sticks. There is no fun in that. Believe me. I sing better than he does.

    Grendel the Dog

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